Welcome to the KENET E-readiness Portal

E-readiness Survey is a survey conducted by Kenya Education Network Trust (KENET) among Kenyan Universities to establish the preparedness of the universities in the use information and communication technologies (ICT) to develop learning process in the institutions. The survey focuses in achieving the actual capability of each and every individual universities readiness in the use ICT in education.

The 2015 E-readiness survey was carried out among 38 universities in Kenya (23 public universities, 11 private universities and 4 university colleges); the survey commenced on 16th, November, 2015.The e-readiness 2015 survey was the fourth e-readiness survey of Kenyan universities. The first e-readiness survey of higher education institutions and universities, which included 17 of the well-established public and private universities, was conducted in August 2006 and introduced a staging framework for 17 e-readiness indicators.

The second survey in 2008 covered 50 East African universities but again included the 17 universities surveyed in 2006 (Kashorda and Waema, 2009).

The 2013 survey included 30 Kenyan universities with a combined student enrolment of 423,664, representing about 80% of total university enrolment as of November 2013. Again, the 17 universities were all included making it possible to track accession in the stages of e-readiness for each of the 17 indicators.